Labrador for Speaker

RaulToonRocky “Bullwinkle” Barker, clueless reporter/blogger for the Idaho Statesman, breathlessly reported that Raul Labrador received the first vote for Speaker of the House! Wow! An Idaho politician as a possible Speaker of the House.

Ah… Sorry Rocky, the single vote for Labrador was part of the Tea Party circle jerk-14 Republican defectors who refused to vote for John Boehner, and, as a result guaranteed they would never have positions of power. Boehner won and they lost, big time.

The band of 14 Bozos either voted “present”, or for each other. Actually, Labrador didn’t even win among the foolish fourteen. He receive one less vote than Allen West, the Tea Party favorite who is no longer a member of Congress. Yes, two members of the feckless fourteen voted for a candidate for Speaker of the House who is not a member of the House.

I don’t call Barker “clueless” because of this blog post, however. A recent post where he argued that we shouldn’t have an “ideological” discussion about gun control because he had fond memories of attending gun shows with his father displayed a more characteristic cluelessness.


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