Dim Bulb Award 2013

lightbulbAha! The Idaho Legislature is back in session, so it is time to dust off the Dim Bulb Award. The Dim Bulb Award is an RNWMV tradition. It is an award that I give out to any worthy member of the Legislature who has, through word or action, reached the acceptable level of abject stupidity. What is my standard for stupidity? Well, as I said in 2009, ” . . . to win the award run-of-the-mill dimness won’t do. Winners must not only display jaw dropping ignorance, but they must also have such a complete lack the self-awareness they have no sense of shame, and, in fact, revel in their dimness”.

So, our first Dim Bulb of the 2013 legislative session is Rep. Ron Mendive, Republican from Coeur d’Alene. Mendive keeps the Republican winning streak alive. Since the first Dim Bulb was awarded in 2007, every honoree has been a Republican.


What did Mendive do to deserve this honor? Boise Television station KTVB’s Capitol Watch has an article today entitled “N. Idaho lawmaker compares abortion and prostitution”. The headline alone tells you that what follows will be dim bulb worthy.

The stupidity came Wednesday during a legislative breakfast on criminal justice reform sponsored by the Idaho branch of the American Civil Liberties Union.

According to the Article,

[Mendive] drew audible gasps when he asked representatives from the American Civil Liberties Union-Idaho if their pro-abortion rights stance also means that they support prostitution.

Rep. Ron Mendive, R-Coeur d’Alene, made the comparison Wednesday morning during a legislative breakfast presentation held by the ACLU on criminal justice reform and other issues.

Mendive asked the organization’s executive director, Monica Hopkins, if she felt the ALCU should support prostitution since it supports a woman’s right to choose abortion. Mendive then said that prostitution is also “a woman’s choice.”

Hopkins said a woman’s right to reproductive health care is constitutionally protected, while prostitution is illegal. She also reminded Mendive that prostitution is not always a choice, noting that legislation targeting human trafficking may be presented during the legislative session.

Every time a Republican decides to pontificate about abortion or a “woman’s right to choose”, you can rest assured the results will be cringe worthy and likely to catch the attention of the national media. Consider, for example, the 2010 legislative session when Idaho State Senator Chuck Winder (Republican, of course) introduced one more doomed-to-be-unconstitutional piece of legislation. His remarks on the Senate floor got the immediate attention of The Huffington Post, resulting in him becoming a national laughing stock. The chances are high that Dim Bulb Mendive’s comments will also go “national”.


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