Fogged In

happy light visor I don’t mind cold weather. I don’t have a problem with snow. I can even handle icy roads. But when all of the above are combined with FOG, I start to get a bit depressed. That is exactly what I see when I look out my window, icy fog. It settled in yesterday and is supposed to hang around until at least Sunday.

Of course, one reason I am depressed is because the weather results in me spending too much time indoors where I spend too much time in front of my computer where I spend too much time reading about the confederacy of dunces we call the Idaho State Legislature.

I don’t actually own the “light therapy visor” shown above. But, I am tempted to try it. That is one thing that happens when I start feeling a bit “down”, I start grasping at visors. I wonder, does anyone have experience with “happy lights”? Do they really work?

Actually, I really don’t plan on ordering the visor because, even with Amazon’s two day delivery, the worst of the weather will be over by the time it gets here. After all, today is groundhogs day and Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow, which means we will have an early spring.

So, to get me through the weekend, I turn to what has always been “mood altering” for me- music.

As you may know, a giant of American popular music, Patty Andrews, died last week at the age of 94. The Andrews Sisters, with Patty singing lead, kept up America’s spirits during the “good war”. Her death caused me to dig around the You Tube vaults where I found this. Enjoy


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